Athanasios I. Papadopoulos


  • PhD, Process Systems Engineering, University of Surrey, UK (2005).
  • Diploma, Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR (2001).

Research Interests

  • Optimization and integrated design of chemical products, industrial processes and renewable energy systems.
  • Computer aided molecular design (solvents, refrigerants, working fluids).
  • Stochastic optimization algorithms, optimization under uncertainty.
  • Grid computing in design and optimization.

Selected Publications

CO2 Capture - Solvents and Systems

  • A.I. Papadopoulos, S. Badr, A. Chremos, E. Forte, T. Zarogiannis, P. Seferlis, S. Papadokonstantakis, C.S. Adjiman, A. Galindo, G. Jackson, 2016, Computer-aided molecular design and selection of CO2 capture solvents considering thermodynamics, reactivity and sustainability, Molecular Systems Design and Engineering, DOI: 10.1039/C6ME00049E
  • A.I. Papadopoulos, P.Seferlis, Process Systems and Materials for CO2 Capture: Modelling, Design, Control and Integration, Wiley, (Book-April 2017), (link)

ORC working fluids and systems

  • P. Linke, A.I. Papadopoulos, P. Seferlis, 2015, Systematic methods for working fluid selection and the design, integration and control of organic Rankine cycles—A Review, Energies, 8, 4755-4801.
  • A.I. Papadopoulos, M. Stijepovic, P.Linke, P. Seferlis, S. Voutetakis, Toward optimum working fluid mixtures for Organic Rankine Cycles using molecular design and sensitivity analysis, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 52 (2013), 12116-12133

Smart Grids design and operation

  • D. Giaouris, A.I. Papadopoulos, P. Seferlis, S. Papadopoulou, S. Voutetakis, 2016, Power grand composite curves shaping for adaptive energy management of hybrid microgrids, Renewable Energy, 95, 433-448.
  • D. Giaouris, A.I. Papadopoulos, S. Voutetakis, S. Papadopoulou, P. Seferlis, 2015, A power grand composite curves approach for analysis and adaptive operation of renewable energy Smart Grids, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 17 (5), 1171-1193.

Multi-scale systems design

  • A.I. Papadopoulos, P. Seferlis, P. Linke, 2016, A framework for the integration of solvent and process design with controllability assessment, Chemical Engineering Science, DOI:10.1016/j.ces.2016.04.042


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About PSDI

PSDI laboratory mainly targets focused research and industrial projects in the area of modeling, design, optimization and control of chemical and energy conversion processes. Also has developed expertise in the design, construction and automation of chemical and power production pilot plants through numerous industrial projects.

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  • Catalytic processes – Pilot scale testing
  • Automation and control systems for complex production units
  • Modeling and optimal design of processes
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) of chemical energy systems

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