13th PanΗellenic Symposium of Catalysis

psk13-enWe are pleased to invite you to the 13th PanHellenic Symposium of Catalysis, which will be held in Palaios Agios Athanasios, Pella, Greece on October 16-18, 2014.

The symposium is co-organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas and the University of Western Macedonia, under the auspices of the Greek Catalysis Society.
The PanHellenic Symposium of Catalysis is a high scientific quality event, held biannually since 1987, which has been the focal point for scientists at the forefront of catalysis in Greece.
The meeting offers an excellent opportunity for academics, researchers and entrepreneurs to present and discuss the latest developments in the field of fundamental and applied catalysis, exchange knowledge and ideas and establish new collaborations.
In a critical period for the country, research and development hold great potential in restoring the competitiveness and prosperity of the Greek economy. Given the essential role of catalysis in key sectors such as energy, environment and health, we invite scientists working in the field to join the symposium and present their latest activities in all aspects of catalysis, including environmental catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, nanocatalysis, catalytic processes for hydrogen production & storage, exploitation of fossil and renewable energy sources, biofuels production, synthesis of new products, synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite materials etc.

Link: http://www.psk13.gr/

About PSDI

PSDI laboratory mainly targets focused research and industrial projects in the area of modeling, design, optimization and control of chemical and energy conversion processes. Also has developed expertise in the design, construction and automation of chemical and power production pilot plants through numerous industrial projects.

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  • Catalytic processes – Pilot scale testing
  • Automation and control systems for complex production units
  • Modeling and optimal design of processes
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) of chemical energy systems

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