Advanced Process Control (APC) of chemical and energy systems

PSDI can provide scale-specific engineering solutions using Model Based Control (MPC) and other advanced control strategies for the process industry. The development of advanced model-based controllers covers a broad variety of processes such as fuel processors for hydrogen production, renewable energy and fuel cell systems. PSDI’s APC platform provides all the necessary tools to reach the desired product specifications taking into consideration safety and product requirements.

More specifically, PSDI develops project specific software based on the model-based control concept with the following capabilities and features:

  • Model-based engineering approach that considers process dynamics and accelerates the development of accurate single variable or multi variable controllers
  • Handling of input and output plant constraints based on specific process variables
  • Consider the complex interactions between different subsystems of a process including various variables
  • Integrating of powerful and robust optimization algorithms for the decision making process related to the manipulated variables, able to set priorities and weights for every objective
  • Disturbance rejection due to the predictive nature of the controllers that compensates processes variations
  • User friendly environment that provides an interface to the tuning parameters of the MPC algorithm ensuring flexible behaviour.


The online APC platform runs on a computer based system according to the customer’s needs and requests. It can be integrated to a variety of industrial automation systems using OPC communication. Furthermore the APC platform has the ability to share data with the process information systems of the customer including data archiving servers or any OPC enabled system.



About PSDI

PSDI laboratory mainly targets focused research and industrial projects in the area of modeling, design, optimization and control of chemical and energy conversion processes. Also has developed expertise in the design, construction and automation of chemical and power production pilot plants through numerous industrial projects.

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