Nikos Georgiou


  • Diploma Electronic Engineering, Thessaloniki.


          ¤  Training in construction and operation of medical equipment pasmafairesis.

          ¤  Artificial robotic moving limbs of human body

          ¤  Assembly, language programming (processor 6502).

          ¤  Calibration of thermocouples and industrial thermometers in Hellenic Institute of Metrology.

          ¤  Safety Engineer with FORUM TRAINING.

          ¤  Fire safety with Oiconomotexniki S.A.

          ¤  Safety Engineer in industry


      Ε-mail : nikosg(at)

      Phone : 2310498333


About PSDI

PSDI laboratory mainly targets focused research and industrial projects in the area of modeling, design, optimization and control of chemical and energy conversion processes. Also has developed expertise in the design, construction and automation of chemical and power production pilot plants through numerous industrial projects.

Latest News


  • Catalytic processes – Pilot scale testing
  • Automation and control systems for complex production units
  • Modeling and optimal design of processes
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) of chemical energy systems

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