• Diploma of Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 1995.
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 2001 .

Research Interests

  • Biofuels 2nd generation.
  • Hydroprocessing for biofuels and environmental fuels
  • LIFE+ expert / Presentation of EU Environmental Program LIFE+ in Athens and Cyprus

Selected Publications

  • Bezergianni, S., Dimitriadis, A., Sfetsas, T., and Kalogianni, A., Hydrotreating of waste cooking oil for biodiesel production. Part II: Effect of temperature on hydrocarbon composition, Bioresource Technology, 101(19), pp. 7658-7660, 2010
  • Bezergianni, S., Dimitriadis, A., Kalogianni, A. and Pilavachi, P.A., Hydrotreating of waste cooking oil for biodiesel production. Part I: Effect of temperature on product yields and heteroatom removal, Bioresource Technology, 101(17), pp. 6651-6656, 2010
  • Bezergianni, S., Voutetakis, S., Kalogianni, A., Catalytic hydrocracking of fresh and used cooking oil, Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research, 48(18), 8402-8406, 2009
  • Bezergianni, S., Kalogianni, A., Vasalos, I.A., Hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil-vegetable oil mixtures for biofuels production, Bioresource Technology, 100(12), pp. 3036-3042, 2009
  • Bezergianni, S., and Kalogianni, A., An application of principal component analysis for monitoring and disturbance detection of a hydrotreating process, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Journal, 47(18), 6972-6982, 2008

Curriculum vitae


     Ε-mail : sbezerg(at)

     Phone : 2310498315

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