Efficient Exploitation of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Fields for Heating and Power Generation by Use of Optimum Heat Exchange Working Fluids and Power Generation Systems

Brief description :

The exploitation of low enthalpy geothermal fields is currently limited in Greece , mostly due to the use of low thermal performance technologies that operate using conventional heat exchange working fluids, such as water. This project proposes the utilization of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) technologies to design alternative heat exchange working fluids with optimum economic, operating and environmental characteristics, that will be used in district and greenhouse heating systems that operate using low enthalpy geothermal heat. Such technologies will also be utilized for the design of working fluids employed in Organic Rankine Cycle processes in order to enable efficient power generation from the heat content of low enthalpy geothermal fields. The results obtained from the proposed project will take the form of a data collection that enables the rapid identification of the optimum heat exchange working fluid and heating/power generation application type required, based on the physical characteristics of the considered geothermal field.

  • Funding : Latsis Foundation, Program : Studies 2010
  • Starting Date : 1/1/2010, Duration : 12 months
  • Total Budget : 12.000 €, CPERI : 12.000 €
  • Scientific coordinator : Dr. S. Voutetakis